TeeJay3k - Dirty Muddy

TeeJay3k – Dirty Muddy (Prod MTF MOB)

A lot of people look down on lean. And they act confused at how popular it is becoming. But its pervasion is no stranger than that of alcohol. You really don’t realize how messed up our culture’s relationship with alcohol is until you’ve taken a step away from it. Over the holiday season I worked

Daru - Trips

Daru – Trips ft Wraf

Nomadic Bloggers calls Rochester, New York home. To the surprise of many, this does not put us anywhere near the heart of hip hop. New York state is 54,556 square miles. Rochester is a five and a half hour drive from New York City. Comparatively, Pittsburgh is four hours and twenty minutes away and Toronto is three

PAEday - Birth of A Nation

PAEday – Birth Of A Nation (Prod 7°)

REN (Respected. Educated. Nation) emcee PAEday drops off a video for the 7° produced track “Birth Of A Nation.” As the track is one of Black pride, I assume it takes its name from the recently released period piece following the revolt led by literate slave Nat Turner. Interestingly, however, there is a 1915 silent film

Marly Mathieu - Ring The Alarms

Marly Mathieu – Ring The Alarms

When you tell me not to think of an elephant, I think of an elephant. When you tell me not to sleep on you, I sleep on you. Accordingly, I am not a big fan of the hook on Marly Mathieu’s “Ring The Alarm.” That said, it’s not bad enough to discount the rest of



BROCKHAMPTON is adamant that they are not a hip hop group. Instead, they see themselves as “The All American Boy Band.” Is it ironic or ahead of its time? Perhaps a little bit of both. Even so, “Dirt” found them looking pretty damn close to a hip hop group. But that isn’t the case with “CANNON.”

Jaded - When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump)

Jaded – When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump)

I heard about Jaded through NB favorite J U S T Y. They recently released a new collab called “Heartbreaker.” I was going to write that up but then Jaded hit me up about “When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump).” I had to forgo that write up for fear of flooding the feed with

Yakobie Slade - Slide

Yakobie Slade – Slide

I get a lot of lo-fi beat tapes submitted. It’s not often I get lo-fi production with verses on it. Which is a shame really because lo-fi is almost always beautiful in its delicacy. I say it’s a shame though because, in reality, once you’ve posted one lo-fi instrumental you’ve essentially said all there is to

Mackavon - Keep It Wavy

Mackavon – Keep It Wavy ft. U.N.O. (Prod Canis Major)

South Florida hip hopper Mackavon links up with U.N.O. to drop off visuals for their collaborative effort “Keep It Wavy.” The production from Canis Major consists of a subdued piano riff backed by flighty drums and a wavy synth. Mackavon kicks things off with a chant of sorts, naturally pitching his voice down. I am not

Chris Cassius - GFK

Chris Cassius – GFK

All things considered I am relevantly new to this whole hip hop thing. When I first got into it, I didn’t really do as much studying of the classics as I should have. Accordingly, my introduction to Ghostface Killah was his feature on Flume’s “Space Cadet.” I thought it was cool, but I also pretty

Dunce - I Love You, Don't Die

Duncecap – I Love You, Don’t Die (Prod Samurai Banana)

Duncecap is not for the faint of feeling. His latest release, the visuals for “I Love You, Don’t Die” off of Human Error, is a bought of bare-knuckled boxing between Dunce and his demons. The production comes from frequent collaborator Samurai Banana and finds him interlacing morose percussion with an eccentric accordion sample. The metaphor-drenched battle Dunce