MAF Muses - Ambitionz Of A Writah

MAF Muses – Ambitionz Az A Writah

When I wrote about MAF Muses for our 5 Under 100 Followers, I called for more music. My wish was granted damn near immediately as he happened to drop a new track the same day I released that article. For a few days, I put off listening to it as I didn’t want to be

Contour - I'll Be

Contour – I’ll Be

BANY Records beatsmith Khari Lucas has been reborn, merging his vocalist and producer personas. Now I may have been out of the loop, but first I knew Khari was a fickle rapper and Contour was a seasoned producer. Then I found out Khari was just Contour’s real name, the one he used when he occasionally waded

630 Come Up

KTJ x Zeth x Me$$iah – Come up (Prod Kung Pao x Seered)

In high school I played football. When I drank, it was always shots. When I got to college, I was too small and slow to play football, so I joined the club rugby team. We were very much obedient to the “win or loose we still booze” mentality. Much to my discomfort, however, liquor was

Booshido - Me > You

Booshido f Grimm Doza – Me > You (Prod Mucho Mango & Grimm Doza)

Playful, nearly uplifting synths introduce “Me > You.” Before long, Booshido comes in with a distant chorus lavished in simplicity and accordingly appeal. The lyrics themselves aren’t the highlight, but rather the sense of carefree confidence they evoke. That said, you gotta appreciate a Fairly Odd Parents reference. It’s a challenge to not get lost

lill wiardon - Tryathalon

lill wiardon f Chester Watson – Starship

Sample-based boom bap is my hip hop bread and butter. While scrolling through the Soundcloud stream, I found this track. It’s not boom bap per say, but it comes off a project by lill wiardon which could overall be described as such. It’s largely a beat tape, save the two tracks with features, this being

Aejay Abstract Imagery Cover Art

Aejay f Forbes – Not Everybody

Cambridge Massachusetts hip hopper Aejay links up with Forbes to drop off a track confronting our shared immortality. In the face of certain death, he promises to live life on his own terms, warding off those who threaten that goal. A simplistic rhyme scheme makes the song memorable and sonically satisfying. The production consists of a piano


KPVLACE x Cap Con – TDFW (Prod Solow Beats)

Before I heard about Crosby, I wasn’t completely convinced North or South Carolina were real places.  I’ve never been there, I haven’t even ever met someone from Carolina in real life, so really all the evidence of its existence was hearsay. Then I found out about Kevin Venom. Still though, could I be sure either

$wooli – Zoning (Prod XZ)

A college boy from Boston hit up my inbox with some singing I simply could not overlook. I usually don’t enjoy rap-free tracks but $wooli might be the exception to that trend. Perhaps because he, like so many today, blurs the boundaries of crooning and rapping. Which makes sense for someone that lists both Phil

Chancellor Warhol ft. Big Youth – King Solomon (Prod Super Duper)

Nashville’s Chancellor Warhol links up with local producer Super Duper to deliver a formidable showcase of flows. The sinister beat opens up with a whimper of sorts reminiscent of Vince Staples’ “Ramona Park Legend Pt. 1” which then becomes integrated into a fat bass line accented by restrained snares. My only complaint about this track