Rainy Days - $wooli

$wooli – Rainy Days (feat. Rachel Aiello)

As with all things in life, there is more than one way to approach hip hopping. Such an overarching statement could be understood to mean many things. In this instance, I am talking about release rates. Some artists release songs weekly. Others release just one song in their entire career. $wooli is decidedly  somewhere between

J U S T Y - No/n/sense

J U S T Y – No/n/sense (Prod Beat Connexx)

Nomadic Bloggers is proud to premiere the lead single off of J U S T Y’s upcoming SAUDADE V1 follow-up The Serotonin Fix. Traditionally, or at least in my experience, serotonin in need of fixing alludes to depression. That said such a chemical imbalance can lead to other ailments. In this instance, the out of wack serotonin levels led to

Haze - I Know

Haze – I Know ft. Ryan P. (Prod PDub)

“I know I did this for you” New Jersey’s Haze resurfaces for the first time since the release of his debut album Never Before Now. As on was common on that project, “I Know” enlists the help of friend Ryan P. This track gets better with every listen. The hook flows hard, Pdub‘s beat bumps, and there

Syl Messi - Hiroshima

Syl Messi – Hiroshima f Cassius Tae

“This shit sound like Hiroshima” Fellow Chicagoans Cassius Tae and newcomer Syl Messi connect on “Hiroshima.” The first thing I’d like to say is that sounding like Hiroshima is far from boast-worthy. Pre-bomb it sounded like a city, mid-bomb I imagine it was largely screams, and post-bomb it was likely all but silent. I suppose

Contour - The Fool

Contour – The Fool

Contour releases “The Fool.” This is the second single off of his upcoming debut album Softer. For those not yet hip on the album and Contour, check out this post on the lead single “I’ll Be.”   Now that we are all on the same page about Contour and his rebirth, on to “The Fool.” The

Meech - No Doubt

Meech – No Doubt ft. SL (Prod Mic Lee)

From the warm production to the chorus’ sentiment, Meech’s “No Doubt” is a laid back feel good experience. And while some such songs are contended to be just that, this one takes things a step further by lacing in a wealth of noteworthy lyrics. “Put that shit in braille so I know that you feel me”

Quince LNDN - Let It Bang

Quice LNDN – Let It Bang (Prod Kilconfirmed)

Philly’s Quice LNDN links up with frequent collaborator Kilconfirmed to drop off his latest single “Let It Bang.” This track is confounding. The title, chorus, and cover art all seem to suggest it’s about opening fire on what, or whom, ever. But in the verses, Quice talks about, among other things, not being a gangster: “I’m a

Zae The Philosopher - Intro/Right Way

Zae The Philosopher – Side A Intro​/​Right Way (Prod Andre)

The Left Field Theory’s in-house philosopher Zae drops off “Side A Intro/Right Way,” a taste of his upcoming album No Sleep Til Japan. Preceded by the Nobody’s Pregnant & I’m Not Arrested EP and the Hypnosis EP, the March release of NSTJ will mark Zae’s official debut. The first half of this track, “Side A Intro,” features a spoken word performance by PSYCHEDIAMOND accompanied

Soulushun - Urban Joint

Soulushun – Urban Joint

When it rains it pours. I posted about two British rappers which is apparently enough for others over seas to hear about the blog. I’m by no means complaining, just marveling at how fast news spread. Perhaps because its rare to have a U.S.  blogs post about British hip hoppers. I’m not sure why this is,

eGo Jaleel - Who Is He

eGo Jaleel – Who Is He (Prod The25thHour)

eGo Jaleel is yet another ambassador of Chicago. You may recognize the voice from his one-off collab with Chance The Rapper called “Ridin’ Round.” Now days, however, he looks to make a name for himself without relying on features. With such a goal in mind, he releases “Who Is He.” The production from The25thHour is