The Wasteland

Wiley Coyote – The Wasteland

In an era flooded with throw away singles, I was blown away to catch a full-length project from a dude who, at the time of my writing, has under 100 Soundcloud followers. Wiley Coyote has created a complete narrative in The Wasteland and I challenge you to listen without finding some personal truths in his

Ace Shocka – for naomi

Folks, I am sad to say the blogging community has lost a great. Aaron Tian, who has written for the likes of Pigeons & Planes and Mass Appeal, has abandoned his role as critical consumer and realized – in full – his potential to produce. Enter Ace Shocka, a NYC-based singer/beatsmith. While Shocka has released a

Will is Chillin’ – Moody

Spring 2015 found Chicago’s Will is Chillin’ making his Stank Face Records debut with the release of Instrumentally Unstable. While he had been hip hopping since the iPhone 4 was new, many received the project as an introduction to his artistry. And as such, listeners were exposed to a full range of production styles, features, and subject matters.