Dan Dillinger - Skinwalker

Dan Dillinger – Skinwalker

Brooklyn’s Dan Dillinger releases a seven track EP titled Skinwalker. Interestingly, he labels it an EP because, while he believes the tracks have a certain degree of sonic cohesion, it didn’t have enough of a thematic thread to call it a proper album. This is telling of the type of emcee Dillinger is as he remains

NoFace, Rapper - Wintercoat

NoFace, Rapper – Winter Coat

NoFace, Rapper releases the Wintercoat EP as part of his plan to put Virginia hip hop on the map. It’s a respectable goal considering most creatives abandon their city in search of one with more opportunities. That said only time will tell if he sticks it out. While on the EP’s title track NoFace delivers the lines “Introspective

Ace Shocka – for naomi

Folks, I am sad to say the blogging community has lost a great. Aaron Tian, who has written for the likes of Pigeons & Planes and Mass Appeal, has abandoned his role as critical consumer and realized – in full – his potential to produce. Enter Ace Shocka, a NYC-based singer/beatsmith. While Shocka has released a