For Those Who Care

A U S T E N x kung pao – For Those Who Care

I’ve had For Those Who Care on my To-Post list for a while but have been off my game lately, so my apologies. The beat tape is a collaboration between near-Chicago hip hoppers A U S T E N and kung pao. It is labeled an EP but I consider it a beat tape as it’s all

Killer Bee - Otaku

Killer Bee – Otaku

I’ve been sitting on this write-up for a while. It was written by our resident beatsmith Deci Daze a couple weeks ago, back when Killer Bee’s Otaku was still fresh. After he shared his thoughts, he looked to see what others had to say. Among the many posts, he found an Earmilk article in which blogger



Nomadic Bloggers is a relatively new blog still in search of a niche. One potential focus we had in mind was writing about Rochester rap, as it is NB’s hometown. Sadly, such a goal is easier said than done as Roc hip hop is all but nonexistent. And finding music worthy of posting from such

Dread - Keys N Curls

Dread – Keys N Curls

Keys N Curls is lo-fi-lover Dread’s debut beat tape. He handled the creative process front to back save the cover art, which Chester Watson was kind enough to craft after hearing the project. As with most all lo-fi, the project is built around vinyl samples. Dread’s collection reportedly includes anything he can get his hands

Killer Kane - Vol 1

Killer Kane – Vol. 1

I have been avoiding writing up instrumental submissions because, frankly, I am not as familiar with the accompanying jargon used in analysis. That said, our resident producer/writer is currently consumed with the resurgence of classes so my words will have to do. As this collection is short and sweet itself, I will mirror that format. No