HAHYEEM - Silence

HAHYEEM – Silence

Bronx hip hopper HAHYEEM drops his debut project Silence. Composed of six tracks and a skit, the project features exclusively boom bap production. What I enjoy most are the honest, autobiographical details delivered in the lyrics. It’s not falsely braggadocios as so much hip hop is. Instead, we get a series of rather dejected, self-conscious admissions about

Cameron Butler - Out The Ashes

Cameron Bulter – Out The Ashes

Cameron Butler is one of the first artists I ever wrote about. I have since fallen off from covering him for no real reason other than feeling some ill-conceived pressure to post those that frequent my inbox. And while I love finding new people through submissions, I resent that they take me away from covering

3 AM In Banner Elk

Charles DaBeast – 3AM In Banner Elk

Charles DaBeast released his first album, Patience, in 2015. The production is largely sample-based and the verses are methodically written out. We get more verse than hook. But that was in high school. Since then, he has been recruited to play soccer at the collegiate level, torn his ACL, transferred, recovered, and is now in talks with

The Wasteland

Wiley Coyote – The Wasteland

In an era flooded with throw away singles, I was blown away to catch a full-length project from a dude who, at the time of my writing, has under 100 Soundcloud followers. Wiley Coyote has created a complete narrative in The Wasteland and I challenge you to listen without finding some personal truths in his

Will is Chillin’ – Moody

Spring 2015 found Chicago’s Will is Chillin’ making his Stank Face Records debut with the release of Instrumentally Unstable. While he had been hip hopping since the iPhone 4 was new, many received the project as an introduction to his artistry. And as such, listeners were exposed to a full range of production styles, features, and subject matters.