LOVEP Jaro - La Bleue

LOVEP: Jaro – La Bleue

The advent of the digital age has changed the way we interact with one another, romantically or otherwise. While perpetual interconnectedness increases our capacity to communicate in some sense, it also does a lot to impede communication. Just as we lost facets of communication when we moved from face-to-face to phones, we have lost even



The second installment of the LOVEP interview series has arrived! In this episode, Nomadic Bloggers talks with emerging Staten Island artist J U S T Y about her most recent release SAUDADE. The project, presented as the first in a series, is an 8-track rumination on a love lost. Featuring largely borrowed production (we all gotta

LOVEP Don Kew - Amour

LOVEP: Don Kew – Amour

This is the first in the LOVEP interview series. I’ve been doing interviews for some time now. For most of that time, I wrote questions I thought I was expected to ask. Things like the artist’s top five albums, their inspirations, or where they are from. While such questions have their place, after a while