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Death To The HypeBeast Blogger

I wasn’t going to talk about this yet, but then I had an interaction with an artist that forced my hand. Someone sent me a song asking for a write-up. It was one I included on our most recent playlist so I thought it deserved its own post. I asked the artist for the lyrics

5 Under 100

5 Hip Hoppers Under 100 Followers

A couple days ago DJ Booth shared an article titled “Four Must-Hear Artists Under 1,000 Followers.” A series dedicated to promoting underappreciated artists, it was something I could easily get behind. I wanted to emulate the formula as I find it to be a commendable endeavor. That said, being a much smaller platform, priding itself on

Spring x Summer 2016

Marko Stat$ – Nobody (Prod Aced Spades) “You a star now n–ga is you bright enough? Trynna rap now n–ga do you write enough? And when you focus on the rhymes You helping mankind But you can never help enough Unless you putting in the time” Drew Mantia – Rosetta Stone f Bruce Bayne “Ahead

Winter x Fall 2016

jaro – bad guy f qari & jommis “I am wondering where I am cause I am always tweaking 18-wheeler, I’m with Kieth Cozart I’m only on periscope wondering where these hoes are 16 candles, got three wishes I only wish I had a lot more bitches” $wooli – Zoning (Prod XZ) “This thing we