Ausar: God Be Moving

Ausar: God Be Moving

After having his college career knocked off track, Chicago’s Ausar was in a place of self-doubt. There, he began questioning the feasibility of his dreams. While he had all but given up hope, those around him remained confident in his potential. One so much so that she felt moved to write him a letter, expressing

Marly Mathieu - Ring The Alarms

Marly Mathieu – Ring The Alarms

When you tell me not to think of an elephant, I think of an elephant. When you tell me not to sleep on you, I sleep on you. Accordingly, I am not a big fan of the hook on Marly Mathieu’s “Ring The Alarm.” That said, it’s not bad enough to discount the rest of



BROCKHAMPTON is adamant that they are not a hip hop group. Instead, they see themselves as “The All American Boy Band.” Is it ironic or ahead of its time? Perhaps a little bit of both. Even so, “Dirt” found them looking pretty damn close to a hip hop group. But that isn’t the case with “CANNON.”

Killer Bee - Otaku

Killer Bee – Otaku

I’ve been sitting on this write-up for a while. It was written by our resident beatsmith Deci Daze a couple weeks ago, back when Killer Bee’s Otaku was still fresh. After he shared his thoughts, he looked to see what others had to say. Among the many posts, he found an Earmilk article in which blogger

Indie Chris: A Dream Evolved

Indie Chris: A Dream Evolved

Chris Campbell was born and raised in Nashville, the music hotbed of Tennessee. The only problem is he wasn’t looking to make country music, he’s a hip hopper. He released a handful of mixtapes leading up to his debut album Still Life A Look Deeper…. But, his home town’s hip hop scene, while holding its own,

Jaded - When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump)

Jaded – When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump)

I heard about Jaded through NB favorite J U S T Y. They recently released a new collab called “Heartbreaker.” I was going to write that up but then Jaded hit me up about “When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump).” I had to forgo that write up for fear of flooding the feed with

Haze - I Know

Haze – I Know ft. Ryan P. (Prod PDub)

“I know I did this for you” New Jersey’s Haze resurfaces for the first time since the release of his debut album Never Before Now. As on was common on that project, “I Know” enlists the help of friend Ryan P. This track gets better with every listen. The hook flows hard, Pdub‘s beat bumps, and there

Syl Messi - Hiroshima

Syl Messi – Hiroshima f Cassius Tae

“This shit sound like Hiroshima” Fellow Chicagoans Cassius Tae and newcomer Syl Messi connect on “Hiroshima.” The first thing I’d like to say is that sounding like Hiroshima is far from boast-worthy. Pre-bomb it sounded like a city, mid-bomb I imagine it was largely screams, and post-bomb it was likely all but silent. I suppose

Contour - The Fool

Contour – The Fool

Contour releases “The Fool.” This is the second single off of his upcoming debut album Softer. For those not yet hip on the album and Contour, check out this post on the lead single “I’ll Be.”   Now that we are all on the same page about Contour and his rebirth, on to “The Fool.” The