NoFace, Rapper

NoFace, Rapper: Wintercoat Interview 6

NoFace, Rapper, is a California-born, Virginia raised rapper, which is kind of funny because most rappers move to and not away from California. He has been rapping since he was 16, but only started pursuing it seriously this past year at the age of 26. You know how some people put off living life until

Rainy Days - $wooli

$wooli – Rainy Days (feat. Rachel Aiello)

As with all things in life, there is more than one way to approach hip hopping. Such an overarching statement could be understood to mean many things. In this instance, I am talking about release rates. Some artists release songs weekly. Others release just one song in their entire career. $wooli is decidedly  somewhere between

Last Leaf

Last Leaf

He was the last leaf left clinging to a late autumn tree. That which nourished him had done its part and now left him with nothing more than a five-foot fall to look forward to. The wind whipped against his skin reminding him that the world, with all its might, was doing what it could

J U S T Y - No/n/sense

J U S T Y – No/n/sense (Prod Beat Connexx)

Nomadic Bloggers is proud to premiere the lead single off of J U S T Y’s upcoming SAUDADE V1 follow-up The Serotonin Fix. Traditionally, or at least in my experience, serotonin in need of fixing alludes to depression. That said such a chemical imbalance can lead to other ailments. In this instance, the out of wack serotonin levels led to

TeeJay3k - Dirty Muddy

TeeJay3k – Dirty Muddy (Prod MTF MOB)

A lot of people look down on lean. And they act confused at how popular it is becoming. But its pervasion is no stranger than that of alcohol. You really don’t realize how messed up our culture’s relationship with alcohol is until you’ve taken a step away from it. Over the holiday season I worked

Daru - Trips

Daru – Trips ft Wraf

Nomadic Bloggers calls Rochester, New York home. To the surprise of many, this does not put us anywhere near the heart of hip hop. New York state is 54,556 square miles. Rochester is a five and a half hour drive from New York City. Comparatively, Pittsburgh is four hours and twenty minutes away and Toronto is three

PAEday - Birth of A Nation

PAEday – Birth Of A Nation (Prod 7°)

REN (Respected. Educated. Nation) emcee PAEday drops off a video for the 7° produced track “Birth Of A Nation.” As the track is one of Black pride, I assume it takes its name from the recently released period piece following the revolt led by literate slave Nat Turner. Interestingly, however, there is a 1915 silent film

For Those Who Care

A U S T E N x kung pao – For Those Who Care

I’ve had For Those Who Care on my To-Post list for a while but have been off my game lately, so my apologies. The beat tape is a collaboration between near-Chicago hip hoppers A U S T E N and kung pao. It is labeled an EP but I consider it a beat tape as it’s all