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NoFace, Rapper

NoFace, Rapper, is a California-born, Virginia raised rapper, which is kind of funny because most rappers move to and not away from California. He has been rapping since he was 16, but only started pursuing it seriously this past year at the age of 26. You know how some people put off living life until they have established a career? Think of No Face’s delay as the reverse of this. Off the bat, he spent time in the military and got married, getting to the living bit of life before pursuing a career. Which is not to say he hasn’t been working, he has a day job recruiting government contractors.

Now I don’t know what that means really, but whatever it is, it has allowed him to set up a home studio and gets some beats through the proper way. So I approve of it. Also, we pay the government taxes, then the government pays his company to recruit contractors, then his company pays him to help them do that, then he uses that money to make music. So, if you think about it, while a lot of taxpayer’s money goes to building a bigger army, some of it goes toward making rap EPs. Which is nice.

I don’t actually know how I first heard about No Face, Rapper. Looking through my tweets, it appears DJay wrote an article about his song “Drive Me Crazy” which NB shared. Which is odd because I thought I found him through my own means and, while he currently has an inappropriately low number of followers, others covering him first appears to have become a trend.  For example, I thought I was coming in early on this interview train. Come to find out, he has already been interviewed 5 times about Wintercoat. That means he could have done an interview about each song on the project, and then another one about the project as a whole.

He did an interview with underground hip hop, The Broken Robotz, and TripleHQ. Sadly, all of those have gone 404 since being posted.  But, that still leaves the first interview he did about the project over on Dead End Hip Hop. My favorite interview out though is this hour-long conversation he had on The Niq Bohr Show. It’s great because it shows you his conversational mannerisms and sprinkles in some highlights from the project itself. Makes me think I might need to switch to audio interviews.

So, as it would turn out, pretty much everything I asked has already been covered. In retrospect, I should have done this research before I wrote the questions.  I will say that the questions I asked about specific lyrics were not previously posed. Even so, they garnered information already shared. Then again, just because one news source reports on an event doesn’t mean those across the nation shouldn’t cover it. Each publication has its own audience. So, in the interest of optimizing exposure, find the interview below. And next time, I promise I’ll make sure to get fresher questions.

Tell me about how you got your name and why the comma is so important.

After going through a bunch of other names, I realized that my name or what I look like isn’t important.. to be NoFace means that my message in my music is the most important thing and should be upfront rather than what I wear or what I look like. It’s all about the music with me and the message. I like the comma because it shows my profession. To be “NoFace, Rapper” puts a certain respect on the term “rapper” in my opinion.

“Thank God for the military that shit got me real right” What is right and how did the military help you get there

I was in the Army Reserves for 6 years and I learned so much. It got me “right” because it taught me how to be a man, how to be resilient, and how to remain calm in stressful situations. I also deployed overseas for a stint. It really shaped me into who I am.

How did you and your wife meet?

We met on FB…she hit me up first.. just wanna point that out lol…I met her in person and she lived in Woodbridge, VA like 10 min away from me. This was 09…we did young and dumb stuff and officially started dating in 2011…got married September of last year.

If the Winter Coat EP is your debut, why does your flow sound so polished?

I been rappin since I was 16…I’m 26 now…music was something I never took seriously because I was conditioned to get a job and go to college from my grandparents. I finally decided to take this serious and see if I can possibly making a living from it or at least get some extra income from lol.

What is your day job?

I’m a Technical Recruiter. So in the DC Maryland Virginia area, there are ppl with federal jobs with the government and there are contractors. I recruit qualified individuals for contracting companies

What do you mean when you say “ironic how I’m light skinned, and I’m the golden child”? Why is that ironic?

In my life, I’ve experienced a lot of different responses to me being a light skinned African American man. Some overly positive some overly negative. Regardless I still look at myself as an individual with a certain light to share.

Is the winter coat a metaphor or are you actually talking about the weather

It’s a little bit of both actually….I think because of cold winters we all stay inside and are forced to be more introspective. Virginia winters can be harsh though. The weather been crazy here but even still, you never know when you need a coat..a winter coat lol…see what I did there lol

In your mind, what is the most pressing issue of social justice our generation faces?

I’d have to say race honestly. Until we can all sit down and have a dialogue that comes from a genuine place of understanding, we will never fix that problem. I believe some ppl don’t care to solve it.

What’s next for No Face?

Well, I just dropped a video for the title track for “Wintercoat” and I’m gonna get back in the studio..and by studio I mean my home studio…


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