$wooli – Rainy Days (feat. Rachel Aiello)

As with all things in life, there is more than one way to approach hip hopping. Such an overarching statement could be understood to mean many things. In this instance, I am talking about release rates. Some artists release songs weekly. Others release just one song in their entire career. $wooli is decidedly  somewhere between the two. Since about a year ago, he has released a track every two or so months.

Some may claim that is too few and far between. I suppose that’s possible, but who are you comparing him to? Rushing to put something out every two weeks will net more tracks but, at the end of the day, the overall quality of the catalog is bound to be corrupted. So, I can’t really fault $wooli for taking his time, especially because it pays off. He doesn’t really have any throw aways thus far.

Continuing that trend, about a month ago $wooli released “Rainy Days.” I’ll get my main critique out of the way first. And it’s a minor one. I think, content wise, the track is pretty similar to his last release “Zoning.” Both find him in the throes of a collegiate love. That said, I think “Rainy Days” finds this relationship in a later phase. I like that because it suggests that he draws inspiration for his songs from his real life. So I suppose its a subjective critique, depending on whether or not you enjoy narratives that carry from one song to the next.

While “Zoning” found $wooli lost in thought at the prospect of his other graduating, on “Rainy Days” he declares the decision resulting from that thought. Previously, this other was in a position of power. She was the one leaving $wooli behind come graduation. Now, however, $wooli has inadvertently pulled away from her, turning his focus toward his music.

While she expected the relationship to end, she thought it would on her terms. Accordingly, she finds this unexpected conclusion upsetting and, to a certain extent, rejects it. She hopes this whole music hobby of $wooli’s is hit with heavy rain, dissuading him from continuing to pursue it. The problem, for her at least, is that it’s been clear skies thus far. $wooli wants her to come along for the ride while she wants him to stay with her in the world of academia.

$wooli has a show coming up, and hopes to see her there, but she’s destined to be in the dorms working on a paper. Their lives have diverged prematurely. Not willing to abandon his dreams in the name of practicality, he packs his metaphorical bags and heads out. Or, at least, that’s what I was thinking when I heard the song.

I’ll say two more things before calling it a day. The production is bananas especially considering its done by $wooli himself who recently told me he doesn’t actually know how to play the keyboard. He just finds a cool synth and plays around until it sounds good to him. And that female vocal is not a sample, its a friend from school $wooli saw at an open mic. Definitely need to hear Rachel Aiello on more tracks, ideally front an center rather than as support. Then the last thing is that the description for the track is “DIGITAL HIGH.” That’s the title of $wooli’s forthcoming debut project. It’s unclear when it will drop, but at least its made moves from his Bio to a song description.


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