J U S T Y – No/n/sense (Prod Beat Connexx)

Nomadic Bloggers is proud to premiere the lead single off of J U S T Y’s upcoming SAUDADE V1 follow-up The Serotonin Fix. Traditionally, or at least in my experience, serotonin in need of fixing alludes to depression. That said such a chemical imbalance can lead to other ailments. In this instance, the out of wack serotonin levels led to a lack of restful sleep. While the Staten Island singer’s beauty sleep has been restored thanks to modern medicine, there was a time between the onset of her symptoms and the fix. During that in between, J U S T Y was left restless. As she lay awake solidifying a newfound longing for the back of her eyelids, her mind wandered.

Over the course of weeks, perhaps months, her mind spent wandering, it found a 6-track collection of songs. While SAUDADE V1 found J U S T Y recognizing her faults, romantic or otherwise, The Serotonin Fix promises to be a backlash of sorts. One aimed at telling the world, and more importantly J U S T Y herself, that she and her emotions are valid faults and all. The first installment of this validation is “No/n/sense.”

J U S T Y has explained to me what this song is about. But in our conversation, we also arrived at topics of her ideal listener’s experience. While drawing from personal experiences to write her lyrics, she leaves the subjects largely faceless with the hope that listeners will be able to adapt the narrative to their own lives, embedding themselves in her emotions to better understand their own. Having done so, she hopes listeners “reflect, respond, and react.”

Accordingly, I don’t think it’s my place to tell you what this song is about, that is really between you and the music. To me, this song is an extremely painful experience. I don’t know if J U S T Y is addressing a male, she intentionally leaves the subject genderless, but when I hear her words all I can think of is my last girlfriend. I hear the pain in her lyrics, the anger, the pleads for honesty, and I can’t help but be reminded that some of these same feelings are felt by that girl I wronged. And I feel awful about it, I feel regret, and I feel guilt. But at this point, there is nothing I can do to right things. So, without going into excessive detail, that is my reaction to this song. Take a listen for yourself, reflect, respond, and react.

I’m important
Fuck I’m important
Did you forget that I was human
And I have feelings


Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"

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