Daru – Trips ft Wraf

Nomadic Bloggers calls Rochester, New York home. To the surprise of many, this does not put us anywhere near the heart of hip hop. New York state is 54,556 square miles. Rochester is a five and a half hour drive from New York City. Comparatively, Pittsburgh is four hours and twenty minutes away and Toronto is three away. So, if you were to associate Nomadic Bloggers with any “real” city, it would make more sense for you to think of us as a Canadian hip hop blog than a NYC one. Even so, I am often told how much talent there must be in my local scene. Not so much.

That said, I remain hopeful that I will find Rochester hip hoppers. Already I’ve found one, KZA K’Lee. Today, I have another name to add to the disappointingly short list: Daru. Now, I don’t know for sure that he is from Rochester, but his twitter puts him in Upstate New York so it’s close enough. The first I saw of him was “Impreza.” What’s really crazy about that video is that they got into a car crash on their way to film it. As a result, they just happened to have a camera there to film the aftermath. Quickly shaking off the shock, the 206 crew proceeds to wile out over heavy bass. I never posted it though because it is from 2015.

About two weeks ago, however, Daru released a new video called “Trips.” As if intended to support my point about being closer to Toronto than NYC, Daru starts off by telling of a recent trip he took to the city:

“I took a trip to The Six
I told my bitch it ain’t lit over there
So she could get the fuck off my dick”

It’s rather odd that he goes through all the effort it would take to satisfy her desire to visit Toronto but leaves her behind. It’s as if he made the trip just to spite her. I would be more inclined to think this a fictitious story if it weren’t for these lines:

“Probably won’t be seeing no wedding rings
And if I do I bet that bitch gon sing
On all of my tracks
Hope she tells me all them shits are ass
Hope she leaves me so I have shit to rap
About, I snap, my clout go through the roof”

Here Daru’s love life is presented as source material for his lyrics. If he had a woman who wronged him he could rap about, he would be next up in no time. While Daru relays tales of his lackluster affections, fellow 206er Wraf handles the hype. Despite acknowledging their relative no-name status, he remains adamant that they are living life to the fullest. A reminder that fame is not a pre-requisite of happiness.

“What you think you want 206 did it
What you dreaming of 206 lived it
No we not famous but our lives wavy
Tell you one story you infatuated”


Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"

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