TeeJay3k – Dirty Muddy (Prod MTF MOB)

A lot of people look down on lean. And they act confused at how popular it is becoming. But its pervasion is no stranger than that of alcohol. You really don’t realize how messed up our culture’s relationship with alcohol is until you’ve taken a step away from it.

Over the holiday season I worked for Toys R Us. One day, a woman came in looking for Cards Against Humanity. We didn’t carry it because it is too adult for kids. I showed her some other games that might work in its place. After I showed her two or so, she said something along the lines of “It doesn’t really matter, it’s for New Years Eve. By the time we are playing this, we won’t even know what’s going on.” Then, with a smile, she added “You know what I mean.”

Unfortunately, I knew exactly what she meant. But objectively speaking that’s pretty twisted. Why would you look affectionately forward to being so drunk you have little to know sense of what you are doing? Drinking till you are numb is fine, but once you start getting into other drugs, you’ve crossed some imaginary line beyond which society is allowed to write you off. I don’t really see a distinction and hate those who get sloshed yet maintain some sort of self-righteous superiority over those that do so through other means. Just because alcohol is somehow legal doesn’t make it any less dangerous or destructive. It’s not like alcohol is more moral than lean. These ramblings aren’t meant to defend lean, I’m just saying that substance abuse is nothing new.

While Flo Rida boasts about shots of Vodka, TeeJay3k sings “Dirty Muddy” for those who find release by way of less radio-friendly drugs.

“I sip that dirty muddy
I’m counting dirty money”

Lyrically, TeeJay3k talks about making moves in both the hip hop and hustling games, sprinkling in mentions of lady friends and lean. What I like most about this track is the melody and TeeJay’s voice. The hook just goes. What’s interesting about the video is all the money in the shots. In higher production videos, one could assume its prop money or something. But, when a video is as underground as this one, you know the cash is genuine. Which just goes to reassure listeners that the hook is an honest reflection of TeeJay’s reality. I don’t know if that’s necessarily good or bad, but it’s certainly interesting.

“Dirty Muddy” has gotten lots of love on Soundcloud but the video remains largely unnoticed. It’s off of TeeJay3k’s first release, a 20-track mixtape called ColdSummer Vol. 1. I haven’t listened to the full thing yet but, from what I have heard, “Dirty Muddy” isn’t just some one-off fluke.

“I got a problem but that lean make me feel good”


Ian Lunn

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