A U S T E N x kung pao – For Those Who Care

I’ve had For Those Who Care on my To-Post list for a while but have been off my game lately, so my apologies. The beat tape is a collaboration between near-Chicago hip hoppers A U S T E N and kung pao. It is labeled an EP but I consider it a beat tape as it’s all instrumentals. Though it is on the shorter side so perhaps it’s a Beat EP. I don’t know much about kung pao, he is a man of few words. All I know is he is a 19-year-old neuroscience student looking to show the world his production chops.

The tape itself features rather spacey, bass-heavy production loosely laced together by nostalgic television samples. It’s almost as if you’ve fallen asleep on some cold summer night with cartoons on, drifting in and out of dreams guided by the late night programming. Check it out below and if you dig it, there is loads more where it came from. Since the beat tape released 27 days ago, kung pao has dropped 15 additional productions.


Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"

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