Marly Mathieu – Ring The Alarms

When you tell me not to think of an elephant, I think of an elephant. When you tell me not to sleep on you, I sleep on you. Accordingly, I am not a big fan of the hook on Marly Mathieu’s “Ring The Alarm.” That said, it’s not bad enough to discount the rest of the song. The newcomer that he is, the trackĀ finds Mathieu acknowledging his no-name status and foretelling his prowess.

“You probably ain’t see me coming
But I knew since I was semen
Since a youngin spit cold as an ember
Well rounded from a circle that’s full of sinners
And I ain’t any different
Maybe with some wisdom and a wit some
A heaven sent kid who likes to get lit some”

So if he has been rapping like this for so long, why haven’t we heard of him? Mathieu answers this question in the second verse.

“I’ve been chasing them dimes not using my cerebral
Not valuing the time falling right into the evil
But not it’s 5:30 sun’ll be there in a minute
And these half-moon rappers gonna experience eclipses”

Basically, you haven’t heard of Mathieu because he hasn’t been making any noise. And I’d have to agree with that claim because if he had been dropping music like this for years he would surely have a following by now. Especially considering he handles the production as well as the vocals. And, even though he presents himself as coming late to the game, he’s only 18 so he still has lots of time to build a following.

But his lack of a back-catalogue just makes the hook even more ridiculous. How were we meant not to sleep on Marly Mathieu when this is his first release? I don’t think he even has a Soundcloud account. So I’d say our sleep is more his doing than our own. Regardless of who is to blame for our slumber, this track is the wake-up call. Now, it’s up to you whether or not you hit snooze.


Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"

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