Ausar: God Be Moving

Ausar: God Be Moving

After having his college career knocked off track, Chicago’s Ausar was in a place of self-doubt. There, he began questioning the feasibility of his dreams. While he had all but given up hope, those around him remained confident in his potential. One so much so that she felt moved to write him a letter, expressing the genuine faith she had in him. Her confidence in him reaffirmed his faith in God and himself. The end result of this trial and tribulation is his most recent release 6 Page Letter.

Ausar has shared his story liberally, already gaining traction with a number of blogs. This just goes to show that self-doubt is irrational, that you are almost always your biggest enemy. I think it also goes to show the power of supporting your loved ones. A simple letter given from one friend to another inspired this entire project and now that inspiration is slowly but surely spreading to the masses. Have faith in yourself and express your faith in those who struggle to find it for themselves.

The above is taken from a post I wrote a while back about Ausar’s album 6 Page Letter. That post never got shared, however, because I opened with a description of my relationship with God:

I struggle with conceptions of God. Creative energy has been the most awe-inspiring and humbling power I’ve encountered thus far. Accordingly, the most comfortable definition I have found of any higher power is something related to creativity. I respect other’s definitions of God by understanding the word “God” as a placeholder for an all-inclusive belief in a higher power. Because of this, I can relate to other’s spirituality without getting hung up on the details of religion. Following this method makes Ausar’s The 6 Page Letter a rewarding listen, regardless of what you believe in.”

I like to run posts by the artists before I share them. After all, the posts are more for them than anyone else so it may as well be something they are proud to share. Interestingly, Ausar took issue with this introduction. He felt my portrayal of God detracted from the relationship he had with his God. Him not wanting me to post it and me feeling this introduction made the article what it was, we were at a bit of a standstill.

Since I had more than a few questions to ask him about why he felt my relationship with God impacted his, I decided we may as well pivot the post into an interview. That way he could set things straight in his own words. I am happy we were able to come to this agreement as it netted an article we are both proud to share. Additionally, while this album has gotten rather significant coverage, not many blogs have talked about its religious themes. With the power this theme holds, it would be a shame for it to go unnoticed.

You told me your relationship with God is more than just a generic understanding of a higher power. What does that mean?

To me, it’s a lot more intimate. It’s like a parent to child relationship. It comes with wisdom, love, understanding, chastisement, and a whole lot of other things that make the relationship very personal. It’s a beautiful thing.

How do you conceptualize God?

The honest answer to that question is I don’t know. I’m figuring out bits and pieces of that answer for myself every day. Through reading, praying, and even just through my personal experiences. But to the current date, I know that God is love, he’s truth, and he’s righteous in every sense of the word. When I was younger I used to just think of him as “the perfect man”. But I don’t think that even shows enough justice. Lol

Are you of the mindset that you have a responsibility to save those who have not yet found God?

This is a great question… I’d say kind of. I believe I have a responsibility to EDUCATE from my point of view. To testify in a sense. To make my stance known and to just lead by example.

To readily be available if an individual is seeking God, but to also be respectful and not force my viewpoints on anybody else. There’s a sense of wisdom that you have to have when approaching these matters. That’s part of the reason a lot of people are turned off by the church. Sometimes their approach can be a little too harsh. At the end of the day, you have to realize that finding God is a decision that everyone has to make on their own. So just trying to lead an individual in the right direction and praying for them is all you can do.

If you had to pick one moment in your life which proved without a doubt there is a God, which moment would that be?

What’s crazy is that there are so many man… Most recently it was really just me being able to get back into school last semester and everything that ensued for it to even occur. Because in all honesty I really shouldn’t be back.That, and a lot of the things that have happened in my musical endeavors. It just gets to a point where there are too many “coincidences” in a row to even discredit or attribute it to just that. Long story short, God be moving.

God brought you back to school, but didn’t he also take you out of school in the first place? How do you rationalize God’s tendency to act in ways that hurt us?

James 1

That, and for me personally, I needed the time away for my own personal growth. I learned a lot. About myself, about the world, about my faith, ABOUT EVERYTHING. In that time period, God really proved himself to me. It put everything into perspective.

What role did God, or faith more generally, play in the making of The Six Page Letter?

That was really the central point of it all. From start to finish it tells the story of my struggles and everything I went through in order to come out of it. That’s why the project means so much to me

Do you think people realized how spiritual this project was for you? I read some write-ups on the project and didn’t find any that addressed that component.

I do! I’ve actually had people stop me and talk to me about it personally and the effect it had on them. But you’re right. I don’t think that proponent of it has been talked about much on media platforms. So I appreciate you for cultivating this experience.

What’s next for Ausar?

SO MUCH!!!! I’m so excited. I’ve already started working on me next “project”, I’m working on new music with my friends, and there are so many more surprises in store. I feel like I’m just getting started and that’s the most exciting part of it all! I honestly can’t wait until you all see what I’ve been keeping quiet about.


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