Syl Messi – Hiroshima f Cassius Tae

“This shit sound like Hiroshima”

Fellow Chicagoans Cassius Tae and newcomer Syl Messi connect on “Hiroshima.” The first thing I’d like to say is that sounding like Hiroshima is far from boast-worthy. Pre-bomb it sounded like a city, mid-bomb I imagine it was largely screams, and post-bomb it was likely all but silent. I suppose the metaphor speaks to the track’s ominous, haunting quality. Surely I’m thinking too hard about it. When explaining the title himself, Messi makes his intentions clear: “the sample is from a Japanese song and the bass is hard. Therefore this shit sound like Hiroshima.”

“Hiroshima” is a lyrical “flex bomb” dropped on the competition. Nearly four minutes long with a minimalist hook, what we get are bars upon bars. Tae talks his shit first, pulling out all the stops and coming with assonance-heavy rhymes:

“Mark my words I’m Mark MCGwire
With my McGraw

I’m out the park you dirt and diamonds
Mind sharp like perfect diamonds
Perfect rhyming
Marc Jacob perfect timing”

Syl Messi continues the lyrical calisthenics. His rhyme pattern isn’t as dizzying as Tae’s but what he lacks there he makes up for with a more cohesive narrative.  With his debut project run77, still on the way he understandably boasts his impending greatness:

“Watch what you say
N–gas dying for pay
It might not come tomorrow
might not come today
But we bout to get it”

While I don’t think this track sounds like any incarnation of Hiroshima, I would have to agree that it is an auditory assault of sorts. Be on the lookout for the run77 EP dropping sometime this month.


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