Jaded – When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump)

I heard about Jaded through NB favorite J U S T Y. They recently released a new collab called “Heartbreaker.” I was going to write that up but then Jaded hit me up about “When I Leave (Let This Shit Bump).” I had to forgo that write up for fear of flooding the feed with Ugly Justin Bieber. As I’ve said before, I do not like that name but now that Jaded has dropped a video I see where he is coming from.

Jaded is a pretty boy. Take that to mean what you will. It’s not meant to be offensive, though. He has a very deliberate, polished look. Something he is no doubt aware of as he references it often enough:

“H&M apparel
Black and white Adidas
Rips all in my denim
Have me look like Justin Bieber”


This quality of his is partially responsible for the subject of this song. He spends the track pleading with the object of his affection to be less superficial. She is self-serving and does little beyond litter the house with shopping bags. I can’t help but wonder if his image attracts this type of girl. He is all about a stylized exterior and so such women flock to him. The problem is he, unlike her, is also in search of a substantive interior.

“You need the love and attention
Less of the money and clothes”

I suppose this is where the ugly bit comes in. I don’t understand it to be a comment on his appearance so much his personality. And I think he uses ugly as a euphemism of sorts to¬†differentiate him from¬†a purely superficial person. He looks the part but has an “ugly” personality on account of the respect and courtesy he treats others with. I guess the concept here is that ugly people tend to be nicer. Which is not always the case but cliches are often true.

Because he has the personality of an ugly person, their relationship is on its last leg. This is where the chorus comes in. The track is a farewell to this privileged, upper-class pedestal-topper. He voices all his grievances so that when he splits she can leave it on repeat and hear where she went wrong. Although something tells me she’s not the type to think she was the one who did something wrong. Now I feel like I’m being a jerk.

Dear Ex-Object of Jaded’s Affection,

I am sorry I was mean to you. It’s not your fault you are superficial. I am sure it was how you were raised or something. I hope you can find a sugar daddy who can buy you happiness as, in your world, I think that might actually be possible. And I know what you are thinking, “if you are so sorry then why didn’t you edit this before posting?” To that, I don’t really have an answer… I guess I’m banking on you being fictional.


Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"

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