Haze – I Know ft. Ryan P. (Prod PDub)

“I know I did this for you”

New Jersey’s Haze resurfaces for the first time since the release of his debut album Never Before Now. As on was common on that project, “I Know” enlists the help of friend Ryan P. This track gets better with every listen. The hook flows hard, Pdub‘s beat bumps, and there is just the right amount of auto-tune. “I Know” addresses an unnamed “you.” As far as I can tell, the “you” refers to his fans. Or maybe it is a loved one of his. Either way, he cites them as his motivation for making music. In his first verse, we get a string of intertwined metaphors which collectively paint a nice picture:

“Playing d on offense
Don’t call plays no more
Use to ride for the team till the plates fell off
Now the whip is just parked and we walking
We don’t even head the same place no more”

These lines find Haze explaining the progression his goals have undergone. Where he used to methodically plan his creative endeavors out he has outlasted that plan. Now he makes moves on the fly. Flipping from one meaning of team to another he continues to express this freeform approach while peppering expression of his perseverance. Ryan P speaks to the progression of their music in more concrete terms:

“Now and days I don’t have time for talking
I’m perfecting my craft and I’m working on me
I’m trying to surprise my OGs
Been making them proud since I was 13
Working with N–gas I know that’s got motivation”

These two are cutting out those holding them back and making moves in directions unbeknownst to even themselves. With that said, there’s no telling what Haze will release next. Ideally, it will be his debut full-length project. But I wouldn’t protest a single or two to tide us over.



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