Mackavon – Keep It Wavy ft. U.N.O. (Prod Canis Major)

South Florida hip hopper Mackavon links up with U.N.O. to drop off visuals for their collaborative effort “Keep It Wavy.” The production from Canis Major consists of a subdued piano riff backed by flighty drums and a wavy synth.

Mackavon kicks things off with a chant of sorts, naturally pitching his voice down. I am not sure how I feel about that decision. When I first listened, I thought it was his standard voice and was taken aback. I was about to pass over the track until I heard his actual verses. His rap voice is great, so I don’t see any reason to alter it for the chorus. But, even so, I get the chorus stuck in my head. So maybe he made the right call after all.

The verse finds Mackavon talking of his goal to revive the wave. He claims that his fellow Broward County residents just don’t get it but promises that, in time, they will.

“Them Wavy Tunes I’m bout to bring that back
Don’t ask me I’m ever gon slack
man, type of question is that?”

U.N.O. starts his verse with some singing. While I see where he is going, I think he really hits his stride once he starts rapping. I acknowledge that there is a movement towards singing going on, but I don’t think it’s the move for everyone. That said if he wants to use such a style I’d advise he dive wholeheartedly into it. As it stands now, he seems to be hesitant to sing full on resulting in something that sounds like a nervous mix between singing and rapping. But, again, once he starts rapping, things click and he tells the tale of his less than ideal return to Broward County.

“When a n–ga got back
it was stabs in the back
New cats trynna rap
Get off my sack”

In his second verse, Mackavon is more sincere in his insecurities. While he has grand ambitions to rise above, he currently resides in a din of depression derived from the pressure to succeed. I love these four bars mostly on account of that initial multi-syllabic:

“That girl last year was my Kryptonite
I guess I’m alone in my crib tonight
Just hit rock bottom hit my lowest lane
I be stressed out I just don’t show it mane”

Based on the remaining lyrics and the outro, this video seems to be a mission statement of sorts. Mackavon wants the world to know he aims to make a name for himself and his city. It’s not a new goal by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn’t make it any less admirable or challenging. To such an end, Mackavon has promised his debut EP Wavy Tunes some time around when the weather warms up. Here’s wishing him the best of luck.

“We drop heat this year so we could be
The wave for the city, The wave for the city”

Ian Lunn

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