Dread – Keys N Curls

Keys N Curls is lo-fi-lover Dread’s debut beat tape. He handled the creative process front to back save the cover art, which Chester Watson was kind enough to craft after hearing the project. As with most all lo-fi, the project is built around vinyl samples. Dread’s collection reportedly includes anything he can get his hands on “preferably jazz and indie from the 1970’s and before.”

Interestingly, the 18-year old — born decades after the advent of the CD — decided to bookend the tape with sounds of switching out a cassette. This, paired with the single-track presentation, provides a nostalgic feel reminiscent of a time Dread never knew.

20 beats and 40 minutes long, Keys N Curls aims to provide a comprehensive display of what Dread has to offer as a producer. And, while veteran beatsmiths may consider lo-fi, sample-based boom bap to be just one tool in an arsenal, we all start somewhere. Given that Dread has only been producing for about a year, Keys N Curls is nothing to sneeze at. As someone creating for the sake of the art, Dread is definitely someone I would recommend to those looking for producers to collab with. But be warned, his collab cue is filling up quickly with the likes of Blue November, Zae The Philospher, JESUSONTHEROCKS and Third Eye Spike.

“Now she’s a gangster, rolling with gangster bitches”


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