Quice LNDN – Let It Bang (Prod Kilconfirmed)

Philly’s Quice LNDN links up with frequent collaborator Kilconfirmed to drop off his latest single “Let It Bang.” This track is confounding. The title, chorus, and cover art all seem to suggest it’s about opening fire on what, or whom, ever. But in the verses, Quice talks about, among other things, not being a gangster:

“I’m a player on your block not a gangster
So I ain’t gonna move that brick”

When asked about this contradiction, Quice asserted that this is what makes the track beautiful. That letting it bang is a metaphor of sorts for letting go of life’s stresses. That said, I can’t help but think the phrasing is intentionally ambiguous. The production from Kilconfirmed is solid, intermingling exotic synths and familiar drum patterns.

So far, I’ve covered three tracks the duo has released over the past ten months. I have a couple things to say about that. First, I’ve noticed Quice is becoming more comfortable singing, something I see as a positive progression. The second thing I’ve noticed is that, while the first two tracks were labeled “Conscious Trap,” this one is simply “Hip Hop/Rap.” I don’t know what this means really, perhaps it just speaks to Quice’s desire to have his music more easily found.

The last thing I’ll say is that, while all three tracks are well-done, I think Quice is lacking as far as the regularity of his releases. Sometimes people release too often and other times not often enough. I’m not sure what the ideal balance is, but I think a single a month is a good goal. It’s all about building consistent traction and by putting two or more months between releases you are allowing the short-attention-spanned masses to forget about you. As a result, each release finds you essentially starting from scratch as far as your fanbase is concerned. But, everyone has their own approach. In any event, I look forward to the next release, whether it’s next month or next season.

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