Meech – No Doubt ft. SL (Prod Mic Lee)

From the warm production to the chorus’ sentiment, Meech’s “No Doubt” is a laid back feel good experience. And while some such songs are contended to be just that, this one takes things a step further by lacing in a wealth of noteworthy lyrics.

“Put that shit in braille so I know that you feel me”

This one makes me laugh. I know exactly what Meech means, but at the same time I don’t know if it really makes any sense at all. First of all, those who use braille can most often hear, so they would feel the lyrics just as easily, if not more so, in an auditory format. Secondly, if these lyrics were exclusively in braille, it would actually limit the number of people who could understand them. Still, I get that the whole world would quite literally be able to feel his lines if they were in braille.

“Forever singing songs like meech go crazy
I see the blitz coming make a read like Brady”

The first thing I like about this couplet is the ambiguity between “meech go crazy” and “migos crazy.” Two lines for the price of one is always a good look. And then, I wanted to touch on the Brady line because I hate him. Of course I have never met him, but I just find him obnoxious. Maybe it was because the one time I saw him in real life he brushed off his fans like they were dirt, or maybe its just because he’s so smug about his success. Either way, while I wish the Packers were playing this weekend, go Falcons.

While Meech only brushes briefly by football metaphors, SL really runs with them. So much so that, at one point, I started wondering if he was actually talking about football:

“Gloves off, helmet off
Who the fuck gon tell me off
Wrote the playbook I make the plays
Don’t complain about the game
Not the mud or about the rain
I make the gains and I move the chains
Touchdown in your town”

It’s not until the seventh line of his verse that he lets on that all this football talk is an extended metaphor for his music. And he impressively continues on with this comparison throughout his verse. Applying the above lines to rap, I like their message. Complaining about the industry avails nothing, its those who work under whatever conditions that see success.

“They hate what they don’t understand and they don’t understand me”


Ian Lunn

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