Killer Kane – Vol. 1

I have been avoiding writing up instrumental submissions because, frankly, I am not as familiar with the accompanying jargon used in analysis. That said, our resident producer/writer is currently consumed with the resurgence of classes so my words will have to do. As this collection is short and sweet itself, I will mirror that format.

No more than 5 minutes in full, Killer Kane’s Vol. 1 is less a comprehensive collection and more some sounds he had lying around. He gets in, presents the beat’s concept, and gets out. There is not much in the way of change-ups or any of that which one might expect to find in a full-length beat tape. That said, I appreciate his sincerity. Some producers never get around to switching the beat up and still make each track full-length by way of monotonous looping.

Besides his efficiency, I don’t know much about Killer Kane. In his submission, he alluded to a “semi-long story” which garnered him his name. I am interested to hear that story if for no other reason than to assure me it isn’t something along the lines of “I was given the name Kane at birth and then killed someone.” I say that with no intentions of further stigmatizing murderers, they have enough going on without me attacking them on the internet, #StayWoke.

In any event, let this project serve as Killer Kane’s production resume. For those still hopping on borrowed beats, perhaps reach out to the Killer and set up a collab. Original production is always the right move.



Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"

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