Zae The Philosopher – Side A Intro​/​Right Way (Prod Andre)

The Left Field Theory’s in-house philosopher Zae drops off “Side A Intro/Right Way,” a taste of his upcoming album No Sleep Til Japan. Preceded by the Nobody’s Pregnant & I’m Not Arrested EP and the Hypnosis EP, the March release of NSTJ will mark Zae’s official debut.

The first half of this track, “Side A Intro,” features a spoken word performance by PSYCHEDIAMOND accompanied by an instrumental Zae arranged. While it is a sample, it is so apt an introduction it seems written with NSTJ in mind. For example, the speaker tells us they “Took the long way round, from Florida.” As a matter of intentional happenstance, Zae is Florida born and based. With this geographical parallel in place, I feel confident in assuming the rest of this monolog is indicative of the album. The description of taking the long way round to maintain artistic integrity is a promise made by Zae to his listeners. Additionally, this introduction leads me to believe NSTJ will have two sides – Side A inspired by a dream state and Side B, the reality experienced having lived that dream.

“Whilst I am getting ready to leave I slip asleep
I woke up inside B, in Japan
But I was awake though
Was A just a dream so lucid?”

After establishing the intentions of No Sleep Til Japan, the track transitions to “Right Way.” The innocent, exploratory production from Andre lulls listeners into a daydream. As Zae introspects about his future, those around him attempt to rouse him from this deep meditation in which he repeatedly questions why he is waiting. It is not immediately clear what Zae wishes he wouldn’t wait for, perhaps because it’s less about us hearing him and more about the therapy of expression. While he wonders why he has waited so long to “go the right way,” the way he was going as well as the way he now intends to go remain unclear. Perhaps he means to express his desire to live a lifestyle more in line with the middle path, one of acceptance achieved through meditation and creation.

“Meditation – The simplest form of peace
love happiness and every other elevation”


Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"