Winter x Fall 2016

jaro – bad guy f qari & jommis
“I am wondering where I am cause I am always tweaking
18-wheeler, I’m with Kieth Cozart
I’m only on periscope wondering where these hoes are
16 candles, got three wishes
I only wish I had a lot more bitches”

$wooli – Zoning (Prod XZ)
“This thing we got it don’t need explanation
she told me the expiration
its cause she graduating
we both from different places”

Will is Chillin’ – Sailing to Japan Freeverse (Prod Samurai Del)
“If you listen
Its all good like nurses and attrition
This pen will never go on vacation
Like this was not that urgent of a mission
Almost dropped the mic about a thousand times
Spill detergent bussing serving supervision
Obedient would it be rude  to mention
I don’t give  a fuck cause I’m clocked out”

don kew – she (Prod P.Soul)
“Sick of thinking bout the things I can’t have
But lets cut the crap and just roll the dice
If we roll it right we might roll it twice
Let’s take the hits and just roll with life”

Fringe Character – Choices
“Assertions of supremacy another possible
Imbalance of your expectations kind of comical
Verses are adorable I source my from oracles
Habitat nautical MC Flow waterfall”

Emay – Israfil (angel’s trumpet)
“Better to die a disobedient slave
I’d rather live for long term and not immediate gains
Do a hundred shows for nothing but a meager exchange
And become the Robitussin for a feverish game
I precede the restraints
Try to tap into my tapestry
What I’m portraying is havoc at full capacity”

Jensen Kimmitt – Nugget (Prod Esteban Perez)
“What if I’m just a chicken nugget?
Alien food for some dude floating high above us
You just a fly to the mother ship
I can’t lie no I’m on some other shit
Imma run em in quick
hit em with the full zip zip
If I’m a chicken nugget then I’m crisp
If I’m a chicken nugget then I’m floating
high above her with a full piss piss”

BIG BREAKFAST – World Industries
“When I was out forty ounce sippin’
Saw you’re shorty out strippin’
Call me Cal Ripken when the 40 Cal rippin’
Scotty Pippin when the shotty grippin’
No Trey Songs I promise that Ill leave your body drippin'”

Frost – Late Night f Bryson McGee (Prod The BeetFarm Assist)
“I’m still the man of my city and
all my bitches still pretty man
Whatchu mean we ain’t with it?
Finna book two shows and go get it
No more games but we on a mission
Frost be the name just know I’m never slipping”

Silas – Livin’ Proof (Prod 6ix)
“Don’t go that far, don’t go that far
Seen a lot and I know it’s hard
Riding down that boulevard
Like 1998 look how this correlates
I am the greatest mistake
just to prove that I’d be great”

Tyler, The Creator – WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW f Aesop Rocky
“I ain’t do college, I said fuck them lessons
I ain’t join no gang, I said fuck them weapons
Grabbed a keyboard, Clancy crossed my path
Cashed my first check and said fuck depression
N–ga what you stand for?
Everybody lean, everybody gang though
N–ga you a new slave, I’m an old one
Thanks to Ben Yang, still walk around with chains on”

Vic Mensa – Danger (Prod Papi Beats)
“I’m on I-95
Double fist tequila while I drink and drive
2016 I gotta get it now pray to God I’m still alive”

Chance The Rapper – Somewhere in Paradise f Jeremih & R. Kelly
“Chancelor the rapper, Chatham the hood
Santa to children, had to bag up the goods
They say I’m savin’ my city, say I’m stayin’ for good
They screamin’, “Chano for mayor,” I’m thinkin’ maybe I should”

Spark Master Tape – Reefa (Prod Paper Platoon)
“Then I woke up in a Wendy’s, in a crashed Bentley
With the gas tank, gas nearly on empty
In the crash eight air bags couldn’t help me
So I’m rollin’ out that muffukka’ unhealthy, more wealth”

Bexfield & BVCK – F.T.B.
“Fuck that bitch”

Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"