Spring x Summer 2016

Marko Stat$ – Nobody (Prod Aced Spades)
“You a star now n–ga is you bright enough?
Trynna rap now n–ga do you write enough?
And when you focus on the rhymes
You helping mankind
But you can never help enough
Unless you putting in the time”

Drew Mantia – Rosetta Stone f Bruce Bayne
“Ahead of my time I’m too late still
If old age don’t kill me then this new age will
Plenty of fish talking through they gills
Saying their life like a movie it’s a bootleg film
Imma spoil it for you
Everyone dies in the end even the royals are going to”

J.I.D. – Never (Prod Christo x KINGMAJOR)
“What you call a chick that don’t suck dick? You don’t
And if you think you finna come up this you won’t
Down comes the boogie and up jumps the funk
This beat’s taking a beating gotta hand out the lumps”

Allan Kingdom – The Ride
“‘Ye told me drive slow
But ain’t nobody say homie fly low
So now I’m bout to take you high as ever
While whispering stay you but change too”

CalidB – Gold f Sam Trump & Party Noire
“Fuck all these lames I’m attracted to your mental
I hate when these n–gas keep they’re feeling confidential
So listen to me see it could all be so simple
I’m digging your appeal so what you trynna get into?”

RoeShamBeaux (JayTheHomie x MikeySoL) – Jetta Whippin’
“Ain’t totting guns ain’t whipping bricks
Just really drunk and sensitive
So don’t be mean I’m delicate
Just doing Ye like Kimmy is
Trying to find what my limit is
Just to find I’m limitless”

Towkio – PLAYIN FAIR f Joey Purps
“I got a cup with a cup in it
And a Sprite with some stuff in it
And a pocket with pills in it
And a mind full of dreams in it
And a bed with my bitch in it
And a world at my fingertips
Man we came a long way from
That cup with some lean in it”

New Kingz – Kream (Prod T-Jay Beats)
“They say I take em back to the days when the path wasn’t paved
That’s actually crazy
I just been snapping on pages my back to the fakes
You in the crowd somewhere practicing hate
Prolly slapping your face should of had a V-8”

Tunji Ige – Lost In Translation (Prod Stefan Ponce)
“Well baby I’m a dude from the PHI
And I had to hold it down for my n–gas in the Chi
Let me see them hands high
If you wearing hard you don’t need no alibi”

Case Arnold – The Nicest (Prod Chiefus)
“As rappers you talk about how bad ass you are
To give your ego a boost I figured that I would too
Peep the sarcasm orgasmic magic filling papers
Up with cabbage now tell me who is swagging”

The Kount x James Gent – The Sum

illfigure – Cruisin’  f Crosby
“9 to 5 just ain’t the life for a god
Might survive but rather die in the rhymes
Might confide in someone down for the ride
And she love where I’m going, not where I’m at”

“Sock tan, pack of ‘ports
Dirty bitch my double cup her
Smoking gas on the porch
Guess you could say I’m burning rubber
Head is good so I learn to love her”

healy – winse f YOG$ (Prod YOG$ & Felly)
“Chase the moon to flirt with the stars
I swim through typhoons just to get to shore
Man this ghost town’s too loud
But I’m feeling fine as long as I’m…
Knee-high in the Ocean’s when
I’m feeling most alive”

Bruce Bayne – Day One f Natural State (Prod SEER)
“I know me only look up to OGs
Oh geez don’t approach me
With beer better be OE
Hennessy and we damn near Creole speak
Ass fat like she come from a Rio beach”

Ian Lunn

"Little things are big things to mice"